about the artists

who are the methods?

Derrick is a furniture designer and artist with a BFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, IN. His current work originates from the arena of sustainability and repurposing of materials. This culminated recently in a solo show of bookwork furniture - furniture created largely of reclaimed discarded library books. Derrick does not limit his work to furniture, but also creates prints, paper, books, and Shaker boxes - always looking for ways to combine traditional craft techniques with new ideas.

Sara is an artist and art history instructor with a BA in Painting from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC and an MA in Art History from the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN. Her recent work includes pen and ink studies, prints of microscopic views of plant structures, and monoprints of travellers in unknown landscapes.  Sara is generally a mixed media artist with an interest in textiles, prints and painting. 

Derrick and Sara are both Art*o*Mat artists and have been involved with the project since 2002.